Music & EP

1. Harlem Nocturne

The Earle Hagen standard recorded by Edwards a couple of times in the past, this tips its’ hat to the swampy version by New Jersey’s Viscounts, with tremolo guitar backing the lead - played on a bright, brash plastic alto saxophone!

2. Lullaby for Ian

A contemplative duet for guitar and flute, written by Edwards on hearing of his teenage hero Ian Dury’s terminal cancer. The flute lines are reminiscent of the Kes soundtrack, played by Harold McNair, and the title refers to Lullaby for Francis/es on the Blockheads’ album Do It Yourself.

3. Factory Girls

A Tindersticks song, taken from the comfort-zone of their Falling Down A Mountain album, and redefined with a vulnerable Chet Baker-style vocal, culminating in wild, angry shards of guitars and sax in the coda.

4. Curve Ball

Edwards & Fraser’s first writing collaboration which is rooted in a swinging, repetitive chord sequence, embroidered with Neil’s inventive lead-lines and layered drones, accompanied by rich baritone saxophone roots.

“Exemplary musicianship with a warm heart, profound sensitivity and a dark, trembling core, it's a true pleasure to witness the delicately intriguing work of Edwards and Fraser blossom and unfold.”

Zoë Howe, author of Barbed Wire Kisses,
The Jesus & Mary Chain story.

Released on CD in a full colour sleeve and available as high quality download files or MP3s on July 3rd from and the usual download sites, plus all remaining record stores...

Product Details

  • Original Release Date: July 3, 2015
  • Release Date:July 3, 2015
  • Label:Sartorial Records
  • Copyright:2015 Sartorial Records
  • Total Length:18:52



  • Terry Edwards & Neil Fraser - Harlem Nocturne
  • Terry Edwards & Neil Fraser - Lullaby For Ian
  • Terry Edwards & Neil Fraser - Factory Girls
  • Terry Edwards & Neil Fraser - Curve Ball

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